Why It’s Important to Hire a Traffic Lawyer

A traffic violation can become costly in terms of fines, insurance rate increases, and lost job opportunities. Therefore, when a person receives a traffic citation, they shouldn’t just pay the fine. Rather, they should hire a traffic lawyer to fight the ticket. A traffic lawyer may be able to:

  • Keep citations off a driver’s record
  • Prevent points from being assessed against a client’s license
  • Limit or prevent a license suspension
  • Have fines reduced
  • Reinstate driving privileges
  • Minimize sentences for drug and alcohol-related driving offenses

Representation Requirements

If a client hires an attorney from teagueandgloverlaw.com, the lawyer will need a copy of the citation(s), bond receipts, and a fee agreement. If circumstances warrant it, the attorney can get a copy of the driver’s record for a nominal additional fee.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Traffic Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons to hire a traffic lawyer after receiving a citation. Other than the time savings and the financial benefits, clients count on lawyers because:

  • They can appear in court on the client’s behalf
  • They can often negotiate a ticket, resulting in lower fines and no points against the driver’s license
  • They can handle the client’s court case and prevent the issuance of an arrest warrant

Matters Handled by a Traffic Attorney

A traffic lawyer can defend a client against citations for speeding, stop sign and red light running, reckless driving, traffic ordinance violations, and other offenses. In many cases, it is necessary for a client to have legal representation when they seek to restore their driving privileges after a suspension or revocation. Many lawyers don’t handle red light camera tickets because they have no repercussions as far as the client’s criminal and driving records are concerned. Moreover, the cost of a legal defense would usually exceed the amount of the fine unless the driver fails to take care of the ticket in a timely fashion.

Call a Traffic Lawyer ASAP

To learn more about how a lawyer can provide a defense against moving and non-moving violations, area residents can call a traffic lawyer for advice. At local law firms, attorneys look forward to providing representation and protection against the high costs and harmful effects of a traffic citation.

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