Understanding the Realities of Getting a Divorce in Singapore

Even when a marriage is irrevocably broken, the divorce process can be difficult. That’s why, if you live in Singapore and your marriage is simply beyond repair, you may want to speak with a divorce lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law to inquire about a divorce. However, there are a few things that a person will need to keep in mind when it comes to filing for divorce in Singapore.

Simply because a person doesn’t want to be married anymore doesn’t necessarily mean that the divorce is going to be the way to go. Singapore has some very specific rules which have to be met before a person can appeal to the Singapore courts for divorce. For example, if a spouse has been unfaithful and has broken the bonds of marriage, this is acceptable grounds for divorce.

However, spouses who agree that the marriage is irrevocably broken must live separated from each other for three years before the courts will entertain their request for a divorce. If one person wants a divorce but the other spouse doesn’t, the couple will be required to live apart from each other for four years before a divorce can even be considered by the courts.

On top of the many rules for receiving a divorce in Singapore, there are many legal entanglements that can make the process extremely difficult. Negotiating a divorce settlement doesn’t always have to be difficult. However, because of the emotional attachment and the issues involved, sometimes getting a couple to agree on anything, especially a comprehensive divorce settlement, can be challenging.

If a settlement can’t be agreed upon, it will be up to the courts to make a decision, and that’s something that a divorce lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law doesn’t want to see. The reason is simply because there’s no predicting how the courts will rule on a particular issue.

Whether it’s meeting the criteria for divorce or going through the difficult process of dissolving a marriage through the court system, having the advice and the help of a lawyer along the way is essential. They can represent your best interests, help you to understand the process and help you to prepare as best as possible for the difficult times ahead.

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