Social Media Can Give Hackers an Open Door Into Your Business So You Need Internet Security Done Right

Businesses of all sizes are expanding their social media presence as part of their overall marketing strategies. This development has certainly not escaped the notice of cyber criminals. In fact, you may have already been hacked. The only way to protect your valuable and confidential data is internet security done right.

Protecting Yourself on Social Media

American adults know about the dangers of exposing too much personal information on social media accounts. Most people use social media and two-thirds claim to have been hacked at least once. Restricting personal data is a step in the right direction, but the cyber crooks are two steps ahead. An overwhelming majority of social media users continue to voluntarily and unknowingly assist social media scams by sharing posts with links to malicious sites.

Don’t believe that selecting a few security settings will deter an experienced cybercriminal. Beating that level of security and simple passwords would be child’s play to even a novice hacker. Take it for granted that any information in your social media account is exposed.

What Information Could a Hacker Get From Your Business Social Media Accounts?

Hackers of all types are constantly trolling social media looking for information that will make it easier to scam your business or infect your network. It’s crucial to examine carefully everything that’s posted online.

  • Constantly improving artificial intelligence (AI) tools are always scanning images, collecting information about the image contents and the age, gender and other data on people in the photos. Pictures taken at a company event could yield a wealth of actionable information to a hacker.
  • Employee’s Twitter feeds are analyzed to pull out info relating to preferences and tastes. For example, a post about a new iPhone could result in a phishing email that appears to be an announcement about a new iPhone case. Someone who might not otherwise click on an unknown email would have an interest in this one. The first step has been taken toward achieving the hacker’s goal.
  • Personal email accounts could bypass email scanning, URL filtering, and other network defenses. In some instances, the employee is manipulated with false employment offers, access to illicit content and other tricks, encouraging victims to keep incidents undisclosed to network security personnel.

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