Are You Liable For Any Drugs in Your Vehicle?

A person is stopped for a simple traffic infraction such as failing to use their turn signal. Typically, this ends with a warning or a ticket and they go on their way. However, the police could be suspicious about something and search the vehicle. When they do this, they find out there are drugs in the vehicle near the passenger seat. This could mean everyone in the vehicle is arrested.

Why Would Everyone Be Arrested?

If the passenger admits the drugs belong to them and no one else had any idea they were in the vehicle, the only person that will be arrested is typically the person who admitted to possessing the drugs. However, most of the time, no one in the vehicle is going to admit to possessing the drugs. In these instances, since the drugs could belong to anyone, the officers will typically arrest everyone in the vehicle and let the courts decide who is guilty of drug possession.

Is the Driver Automatically Arrested for Any Drugs in the Vehicle?

If drugs are found in the vehicle and no one admits to possessing the drugs, it is possible for the driver to be arrested even if they honestly did not know the drugs were in the vehicle. There is not much the driver can do at this point and they will need to wait until they can speak with a lawyer to get the help they need to avoid a conviction for possession of drugs.

What Could Happen if the Driver Did Not Know Drugs Were in the Vehicle?

If the driver did not know there were drugs in the vehicle, they need to speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. The lawyer will look into the case to determine if there’s any way to prove the driver did not know about the drugs or to show there is not enough evidence to convict the driver for possession of drugs.

If you’ve been arrested because of drugs being found in your vehicle, take the time to contact one of the local Drug charge lawyers for help right away. They’re going to be able to look into your case carefully to find out if you can avoid a conviction for the drugs that were found in the vehicle.

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