Rustic Kitchen Remodeling Tips

A rustic-themed kitchen can be acquired for fairly cheap and will provide an eating and cooking area with a cozy and personalized touch. If a homeowner would like to transform their kitchen from one that is bland into one that looks welcoming and unique, they can use the following Kitchen Remodeling tips to help them achieve satisfying results.


  • wooden logs
  • wood stain
  • varnish
  • paintbrush
  • rag
  • measuring tape
  • wooden boards
  • tarps or drop cloths
  • hardware
  • power drill

Wooden Table And Stools

A table that is constructed of pieces of knotty pine or maple wood will add color and depth to a basic kitchen. Large logs can be used to make stools. If an individual would like to stain and varnish logs on their own, they should clean and dry wood first. Afterward, they can use a paintbrush or rag to apply a coat of stain to each log’s exterior.

After stain has dried, a coat of varnish can be applied over stain to provide stools with a glossy surface. Varnish will also protect stain and preserve its rich color. A mild detergent that has been diluted with water can be used to remove surface stains from a wood table and stools and maintain their appearance.

Homemade Shelves

After deciding where to install shelves, a measuring tape should be used to determine how long each wooden shelf should be. Pieces of wood can be purchased from a lumber shop or center that sells home improvement materials. If wooden shelves are going to be stained and varnished, a tarp or drop cloth should be laid across a sturdy surface before setting wood on top of the covering.

A brush or cloth should be dipped into stain before applying stain across one side of each board. After stain has dried, boards should be flipped over so that stain can be applied to each one. A coat of varnish should be wiped or brushed across boards to provide them with a protective coating. A hardware kit and power drill will be needed to secure shelves to walls. Decorative candles or collectibles can be added to shelves to enhance the beauty of each one.

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